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The following rules must be observed at all times. Violation of these rules may lead to temporary or permanent expulsion from the fishery:

  • Fishing from designated pegs only

  • Keep nets allowed unless signs say otherwise

  • Approximately 50lb fish per net

  • A landing net must be used for all fish

  • Only one line in water at any one time

  • No rod to be left unattended

  • All fish to be returned to the water

  • No floating baits (feed or hook)

  • Only punched bread allowed

  • Cat meat is banned

  • No silk, braid or Dacron

  • No fires or stoves

  • No night fishing

  • No dogs

  • Bank must be left in a clean condition

  • No angler under 17 unless accompanied by a responsible adult

  • Vehicles left at owner's risk

The owners or members of staff have the right to refuse entry, modify the rules at any time, and are not responsible for any loss or damage.

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